Creating Opportunities, Equity & Independance Through Education

Working Together Changes Lives

Australians for Cambodia (AFC) is a registered charity that was formed by a group of every day Aussies who have been volunteering in Cambodia since 2003.

After so long on-the-ground in Cambodia, AFC is now well-honed in the identification of and strategic distribution of resources to projects such as education, child care, housing, mother-infant health, farming, clean water and business start-up.

We are proud that our charity operates without making financial deductions from our donations.  Every cent we raise goes to our projects.

Our Projects Have Positive Long-Term Effects

Education is a passionate focus for AFC because of its long-term positive effects.  It helps create opportunities, equity and independence for individuals and their families.  AFC has also provided resources, sustenance and hands on labour to many projects. Helping to better the life of another human being is humbling which is why we will continue to work with the beautiful people of Cambodia and assist where needed.  

ABCs & Rice - story time


ABCs and RICE is an amazing project that focusses on educating local children and supporting them into suitable employment.  AFC partially financially funded the set-up of this cooperative effort and continues to support the project by donating funds to cover the costs of one classroom, one teacher, educational resources and basic food staples for some who cannot afford it.

Teaching agriculture for long term benefits

In 2016 AFC purchased a large block of land on the outskirts of Siem Reap to offer the local village the opportunity to learn sustainable farming of vegetables and chickens.  This project works two fold by feeding their families and also  providing an income from the sale of excess produce. This agriculture and business project is funded 100% by AFC and is a great example of how the charity helps Cambodians help themselves through education and opportunities to become self-sufficient into the future.

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