Working Together Changes Lives

Some of us are lucky to be blessed with simple luxuries and financial resources.  Sharing a little of these can make quite extraordinary changes to the lives of Khmer Cambodians. We ask for your help and welcome ALL donations, big and small.  Every dollar helps and changes a life.

How you can help

$3 AUD will buy one meal at a roadside eatery for someone who does not have cooking facilities at home or a permanent home itself. 

$8 AUD will purchase 10L of water which would last a family a week including their cooking, drinking and animal care

$10 AUD would cover the cost of raising chickens for a week which will quickly help produce an income for that individual or family.

$34 AUD buys a 50kg bag of rice that will last a family of four approximately one month.  Most Cambodians eat rice at every meal.

$165 AUD will provide educational resources to school one child for a whole year including their uniform.

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