Working Together Changes Lives

AFC has worked on numerous projects and charities since its conception helping individuals, families and villages scattered throughout Cambodia. Education is always of high importance because of its long-term positive effects but AFC has also assisted with resources, sustenance and hands on labour. Our members and volunteers give their time and energy because they witness how peoples’ lives are improved. They also enjoy the life-long friendships they make along the way and being part of something that is selfless and personally rewarding. Improving the life of another human being is humbling and addictive which is why we will continue to work with the beautiful people of Cambodia and help where needed. Here are some of our past and current projects.

The Marjorie Project

The Marjorie Project at the Mouymakara Primary School in Kampot provides poor, underprivileged students from within the school FREE English classes taught outside regular school hours. These evening English classes are designed to develop their English language skills to a level that will enable them to obtain gainful employment in hospitality. If children can’t speak English when they enter the workforce their opportunities are limited to low paying jobs, some that put them in harm’s way or even left to beg in the streets where they end up being recruited by crime gangs. The Marjorie Project is currently teaching English to 150 students 5 nights per week and we’d love to see that increase to 300 in 2020. Even at a young age these children see the value in learning and understand
the difference it will make to improve their circumstances.

Teaching agriculture for long term benefits

In 2016 AFC purchased a large block of land on the outskirts of Siem Reap to offer the local village the opportunity to learn sustainable farming of vegetables and chickens.  This project works two fold by feeding their families and also  providing an income from the sale of excess produce. This agriculture and business project is funded 100% by AFC and is a great example of how the charity helps Cambodians help themselves through education and opportunities to become self-sufficient into the future.

ABCs and Rice

ABCs and RICE is an amazing project that focusses on educating local children and supporting them into suitable employment.  AFC partially financially funded the set-up of this cooperative effort and continues to support the project by donating funds to cover the costs of one classroom, one teacher, educational resources and basic food staples for some who cannot afford it.

Diverse education helps create opportunities

Since its opening in April 2015, Bokor View English School in Kampot has enthusiastically welcomed the wide-ranging skills of AFC members. Working together AFC has helped hone the school’s English curriculum, taught English, conducted science lessons and run classes in hand hygiene and infection control. The charity has also helped with dental treatments, school supplies, furniture, educational resources and minor building projects.

From living on a rubbish dump to having a home

Working with Building Together in Cambodia, AFC has helped rehome half of the 100 displaced people who had been living on a rubbish dump at Siem Reap since their village was repossessed by the government.  Their living conditions were appalling, contributing to illness and no hope of even a viable future. The new village now has eight homes, a community kitchen, clean water and a kindergarten which has transformed the lives of these people.  AFC donated funds towards the build and continues to support with educational resources and other simple assistance during our regular visits. This project was fully managed by the local Khmer people which is a wonderful example of giving a helping hand, instead of giving a hand out.

Safe birthing for mums and bubs

Located in Siem Reap, this facility gives local and high-land mothers a clean, safe and supportive place to give birth with the assistance of a doula or mid-wife.  AFC helped with labour on the renovation of the building and will continue to assist with hospital supplies and other resources.  

Simple offerings make a difference

Each time we visit Siem Reap we take an offering of rice and fish sauce to the Buddhist monks and the young orphans they care for.  These peaceful men are devoted to their meek belief system, caring for local orphans and supporting the town’s people.


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